New England Hot Melt Enhanced Ice Melter With Calcium Chloride
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Specifically Designed to be Effective Throughout
New England's Most Brutal Winters

In the dead of New England's bitter winters, rock salt just doesn't cut it when you need to clear snow and ice. New England Hot Melt is designed to work even during the coldest winters.

Each crystal is infused with a magnesium chloride solution to accelerate the melting process. Added calcium chloride creates an exothermic reaction that releases heat and jumps starts the melting process, working as cold as -25°F.

New England Hot Melt includes a corrosion inhibitor to help fight against rust, while another ingredient helps prevent black ice formation. A color coating makes the product visible against snow and ice, so users can clearly see where it has been spread, and it alerts passersby that an ice melter is in use. Finally, since New England Hot Melt is so much more effective than plain rock salt, you can use less with excellent results. When used as directed, New England Hot Melt is safer for concrete, safer for vegetation and the environment, and safer for pets.

When the latest Nor'easter is headed your way or you are freezing solid in a Polar Vortex, you can count on New England Hot Melt to burn up your ice and snow.

Product Benefits

  • Each crystal is infused with a proprietary solution to make it work faster and better than rock salt.
  • Added calcium chloride works even in the bitter cold, releasing heat as it works to melt snow and ice fast.
  • Safer than rock salt for concrete, vegetation and pets when used as directed.
  • Corrosion inhibitor to reduce damage to metal surfaces.
  • Effectively melts snow and ice down to -25°F.

Product Safety

Click here to view the material safety data sheet for this product in PDF format.